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Happy Family Night Market: The Case for Makgeolli (and Other Products We Consider Our Own)

Hana Makgeolli plans to be the first artisanal Korean rice alcohol producer in the U.S. – but why Hana? Why makgeolli? And why now?

Asian food and beverage products in the U.S. have been long been manufactured using cheap ingredients and industrial manufacturing processes. Both imported and domestically-made products have watered down flavors and techniques that once characterized traditionally made food and drinks that originated in Asia. More recently, a new generation Asian-Americans are now reclaiming the foods they grew up with, establishing new business, and competing with mass-produced brands by using higher quality ingredients and traditional production methods. Join Alice Jun, founder and brewer of Hana Makgeolli, to learn about Korean alcohols, their future in the U.S. market, and how authenticity can be redefined in the making of a carefully crafted product. The workshop will include a tasting comparison between Hana Makgeolli and commonly found brands of makgeolli.

Earlier Event: September 19
Mangalitsa & Mak