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Why You Should Be Drinking Makgeolli, Korea's Original Hazy Brew

"Our goal is to help establish sool as a category of alcohol in the US by showing its breadth and complexity, which can only be done by using high-quality ingredients and adapting brewing technologies to maintain traditional methodologies," Jun says. "Makgeolli can be a beautiful drink that pairs well with a wide range of cuisines and on any occasion."

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Greenpoint’s First Makgeolli Brewery “Hana Makgeolli” Works Towards Opening

Greenpoint will soon have its very own makgeolli brewery on Dupont Street. Alice Jun, the founder of “Hana Makgeolli” is in the process of preparing the Korean rice wine brewery and tasting room in a warehouse at 201 Dupont St. to introduce the tradition fermented rice alcohol to a new audience.

Heart & Sool

For her Brooklyn-based brand, Hana Makgeolli, she bottles the silty sool at a minimum of 12 percent ABV and prefers it at 16 percent. The drink is at oncefloral and earthy, with a flighty effervescence that tingles your cheeks. It has the weight and roundness of a well-oxidized sherry and the lactic twang of a spoonful of yogurt. A sip may remind you of unfiltered sake, but this stuff is richer, more rustic, haunted by echoes of fermentation and musk. It tastes alive.

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Lucky Chow Food as AZN (S3 E5)

The next generation of Asian Americans are redefining what it means to be Asian in the U.S. by keeping one foot in the past, and the other in the future. Lucky Chow host, Daniel Chang, visits the Banchan Stories Studio with brewer, Alice Jun, to talk about the future of makgeolli.

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Hana Makgeolli Brewery Location

Korean rice wine maker Alice Jun has signed a long-term lease on 2,500 s/f at 201 Dupont Street in Greenpoint for brewing, bottling and selling her traditional home-made makgeolli. When it opens in the summer, Hana Makgeolli will also have a tasting room and offer tours for those interested in learning more about centuries-old traditional Korean alcohol just starting to make its way into the mainstream US market.


A Guide to Traditional Korean Rice Alcohol

"Korean traditional rice brewing is just starting to make inroads here in the United States. Girin restaurant in Seattle and Hana Makgeolli and Mākoli in New York are brewing up takju, while Tōkki Soju distills a smooth, airy soju over in Brooklyn..."

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Esquire’s Guide to Korean Alcohol

"It’s been a fairly long hiatus since the last post but there was not much newsworthy to report. Until, that is, the recent article on Korean sool in… Esquire?! Is this the tipping point? Has sool arrived in the US? Until Korean alcohol brewing parallels the kimchi-making craze that stormed places with such urbane names as Park Slope, The Mission, and Wicker Park, the answer is definitely “Who knows?” Suffice it to say, an article in Esquire is yuuuge stuff for the sool world and maybe someone will take a chance on the next big thing..."